Can I Pay For Medical Aid With ZWL in Zimbabwe?

Medical aid schemes in Zimbabwe range from government-subsidised care or entry level packages to premium or private health insurance that covers a wide range of services from general to specialist consultations. This article will discuss the cost of medical aid in Zimbabwe if one wants to use the local currency, ZWL.

Medical Aid In Zimbabwe

Medical Aid schemes are registered with the Ministry of Health and Child Care. Generally, medial aid schemes are owned by their members through their contributions and their affairs are presided over by a Board of Trustees comprising representatives from the members and the fund administrator.  If you are employed member subscriptions can be collected from your employer through payroll deductions, or you can make payments directly to the scheme.

Medical Aid Payment Options Provided By Zimbabwe Medical Aid Societies

Medical aid schemes will allow you to pay either in the local currency i.e. ZWL or United Stated Dollars (USD). The Zimbabwean currency has been unstable to due inflation making it prone to value erosion.  

The USD on the other hand offers a higher level of stability and works out cheaper in the long run.

You Can Use ZWL to Pay for Medical Aid

Yes, members can use ZWL to pay for medical aid in Zimbabwe. Payments can be done online or at any branch of their medical aid scheme. Members covered under a scheme run by their employer can also upgrade to a higher package, paying for the difference from their own pocket.


Medical aid schemes are a great way for you pay for medical bills when the need arises. They come in many different forms and can be paid for in many ways. For more information about medical aid in Zimbabwe contact CellMed Health Medical Fund on 08677 200 200, email or contact us through this website (link to be inserted)